Lyrics?  They are possibly more important than the music on the Werke Horse album.  And, I thought, perhaps there are literary folks who are interested in reading them.   So I searched online for people who review lyrics, progressive rock music, poetry, and related topics. After going through this exercise, I discovered the YGDRASIL Journal of Poetic Arts. It was started in 1993 and was the first poetry journal published on the Internet. It is an international journal with 40,000 followers.

I spoke with the journal’s editor, Klaus Gerken.  He was was receptive to me submitting the album’s lyrics.  And after he read them I was happy to learn that he decided to publish them in the journal.  I was also surprised to discover that the Library and Archives Canada maintains the journal. This institution is the Canadian equivalent of the US Library of Congress.

What does this mean?   Well, it means, for one thing,  that the lyrics will be preserved in one of the largest libraries in the world. They will be preserved for posterity perhaps because they are predestined to make an important impression on people?   And all this, before the album has been heard or publicized.   

Good things are on the way!