The lyrics on the Werke Horse album may be controversial. But they’re not obscene, explicit, radical, or destructive. Still, Youtube has frozen the number of views on our video channel. You can watch the videos. But your views are not being added to the video view counts. No one will know if half a dozen, hundreds, or thousands of people are viewing our videos.

Is this another effort to discourage “wrong thinking”? The song “Bank Talk,” paints a dark picture of the central bank, for instance. But isn’t the central bank purported to be an independent institution that exists to better humankind? And if it is, shouldn’t it welcome a diversity of opinions? What do you think?

I comfort myself knowing that the lyrics have been recognized and published by the “YGDRASIL Journal of Poetic Arts.” The journal has 40,000 followers and is preserved by the Library and Archives Canada. This institution is the Canadian equivalent of the US Library of Congress.